Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Giving Up Coffee Will Kill You!

So this is what I have felt like lately.  Between Max, work, winter time and everything else in my life, I am constantly exhausted.  My last count was 4-5 cups of coffee a day.  That is way too much, right?

So on Sunday, I pulled the plug.  COLD TURKEY....

And it is seriously killing me!

Not only am I tired and irritable but I have had the worst headaches....EVERY DAY.  And Tylenol/Motrin/ibuprofen have no effect on them.  They are almost blinding.  I feel like a crack head detoxing.

It was so bad I googled this and it could take up to a week to go away.  Not sure I am going to make it.....


  1. I am happily addicted to 3-4 cups a day of caffeine and have no desire to ever quit. You know what will make your headaches better? Cofffee :)

  2. I'm with Suzanne. We're all gonna die eventually, and if my death is somehow caffeine related, so be it. COFFEE FOREVER!

  3. Excedrine, it has caffeine though. Good luck!

  4. Darling, no! Don't give up the coffee!!! Just think about all those articles in Runner's World and the like that tell you how GOOD caffeine is for you! (Sorry--this probably isn't helping....)