Monday, March 24, 2014

Time to Go Fishing

So I bit the bullet this weekend, and signed up for online dating....GULP.

I signed up for Plenty of Fish, mostly because it is free and because a couple of my friends use it.  So far, I am not completely sold on online dating.  It is very awkward.

You post a picture and answer some lame questions about yourself and then all these guys send you messages or say they want to meet you.  Maybe I am putting to much thought into it, but I would like a little conversation before we meet.

Maybe you are a serial killer?
Maybe you keep dead bodies in your basement?
Maybe you live with your mother and you have no plans of ever moving out?
Maybe you save all your toe nail clippings?

Telling me that you like fishing and think of yourself as "athletic" in no way allows me to filter out the crazies!  I am not sure I want to meet you for a drink.  I would really like to know you are legit first.

When you are a young and in college, you just go to a bar and get drunk.  Then the next day you wake up with 5 new besties and a boyfriend you only slightly remember.  Sighhhh, so easy!

After divorce your foundation is rocked.  I have had to rebuild my self confidence, my self worth and stand on my own.  I also have find my mojo again.  I look in the mirror most days and just think meh.  In college, I was all, "damn girl, you are fineeeeeeeee."

I want to be fineeeeeeeee again!

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