Friday, April 18, 2014

Divorce is a Marathon

Excuse a runner nerd while she makes some really bad analogies.

Right now my divorce is the New York City Marathon.

I started out in Staten Island.  A little cold, a little hungry and nervous about what was ahead of me.  I knew I had made the right decision to leave S but I was still apprehensive.  I didn't know how this journey would turn out and any new challenge is scary.  But I know that I will never look back, I am just looking forward!

I headed into Brooklyn.  I felt good about how the separation was going.  S and I had come to terms as friends, we had finalized custody of Max, things were going good.  I was still energized about the battle ahead.  I could literally run for days!

Ugh Queens.  We are fighting again and things are starting to get really nasty.  I just want this fucking run to be over.  Maybe I will just have someone pick me up and I won't finish this.  I am THAT tired!  I also ate some weird Gu at mile 14 and it is upsetting my stomach.  That Gu is my ex mother in law.  Ahhhhh

Yeah, we are in Manhattan!  I was served divorce papers and it was seriously the best day ever.  I thought I would have to beg S to divorce me.  To have him make the decision was awesome.  I am literally flying down First Ave.  I am the fastest runner ever.  I am like Usain Bolt!

Awwww shit, the Bronx.  Shit is about to get real.  I am tired, we are fighting constantly.  S's lawyer is a complete bitch.  She is so evil, I almost admire her.  I think I want to be her in my next life!  I know I am at Mile 20 but it seems like this run is crushing me right now.

Back in Manhattan.  We are so close.  I am cruising down 5th Ave.  I see Central Park.  I know the finish line is coming.  I will be done with this mess soon.  I start dating again.  I cut my hair.  I feel pretty again.  I am AWESOME!

And then I hit Central Park and I look down at my watch.....I am only at Mile 24.  Fuck my life.....

I am supposed to be divorced next week and now all this shit is happening.  I know how close the finish line is but I am so tired and I wonder if I will ever get there.

That glorious medal is so close.....

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