Thursday, April 17, 2014

So Which Way to the Hospital???

Sunday night was a terrible and scary night for me!

Max came home from a weekend at his dad's with a fever and you could tell he was feeling awful.  As the night went on, his breathing started to sound funny and the fever got higher.  Doctor Google told me it was croup, so I called the pediatrician.  She said take his temp and anything over 105, go straight to the hospital!

So I take his temp....105.8.  I take it again....105.3.  I throw on some clothes, put him in the car and google the nearest hospital.  (Side note- This is a complete parent fail.  You should ALWAYS know where the closest hospital is!  Bad Mommy!!!)

We get to Bridgeport Hospital about 9:45 pm and he is admitted at 10:15pm.  They give him Tylenol for his temp and that is where things started to go downhill.  They decided to put him in a room, but couldn't find a clean room.

They say, we will put you in here, so he can lay down and someone will be by soon to clean the room.  They don't make the bed, the floor has medicine on it, etc.  We were still in that room at 2am!

After some time, they say his breathing is making them nervous and they do chest x-rays.  His throat was almost completely swollen shut.

We do nebulizer treatments, he is given steroids, etc.  The pediatric doctors come down, we chat.  More time goes by.

Finally the crazy nurse comes in and says the hospital doesn't feel they can adequately treat him.  The doctor doesn't even have a talk with me.  Just a freaking nurse!

At 2am they decide to transport us to Yale New Haven.  So Max and I had a sweet ride in an ambulance!

Yale was like paradise.  Bridgeport Hospital was that carnival cruise stuck in the Caribbean covered in human waste.  Yale was a private yacht, in the Mediterranean, with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy!

We had a long night at Yale and in the am, you could tell Max was starting to feel better.  He was basically climbing the walls.  The doctors came in and said they wanted to keep him another night and finally I had had enough.  I said we need to go home.  He needs a real bed, we both need sleep and I seriously need a shower!

We were finally sent home around noon.  We got home, napped for a couple hours and felt a lot better.  
He is still not 100% but he is back at daycare today.  Yeah Daycare!!!


  1. The croup cost us an er visit with Aidan. Their throats swell so much!! Awful, awful experience. Glad he's better!