Monday, June 9, 2014

Crickets, Crickets Everywhere!

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  Mostly because my life is just insane right now.  Work consumes every minute of the day and then I come home and chase Max all night.  He has decided that sleep is the devil and we wake up SUPER early every day!

I feel like I am slowly putting myself back together after my divorce.  I have really focused on work, started a new diet, made some new friends, etc.

But the biggest news of all.....I bought a house!

My offer was accepted the other day and I have my inspection this week.  Fingers crossed that everything goes well at the inspection and the deal will go thru.

I am equal parts excited and really, really nervous right now.  I can't wait to move into a place that will be all my own and I am thrilled to own a house again.  But I have never carried a mortgage on my own before and I am really nervous about fitting it into my budget.

Either way this is another step towards a new life.  And that makes me so happy!

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