Monday, August 11, 2014

Are We Seriously Talking About This?

I know I am a newbie Mom.  I don't understand all the nuances.  I'm not going to lie, I find a lot of the things Mom's think about ridiculous.  But I am not a very sensitive person and I will be the FIRST person to admit that!

A couple of weeks ago the daycare tells me that we have to have a conference.  Max is going through a period of biting and throwing and they want to talk to me about it.  Hmmmmmmmm

Instant Mom guilt sets in.  So like any mature adult, I avoid it.  I never email the director.  I sneak in and out of the daycare for a week without her catching me.  Finally the room teacher brings it up again.  Busted!  I slink back to work and schedule our conference.

So we finally have our meeting.  And instead of talking about why Max is frustrated (hence the biting and throwing) we spend 20 minutes talking about FUCKING sippy cups.  I am seriously not kidding right now.

There are certain cups Max likes and certain ones he doesn't like.  Could I buy him new ones, like the ones he does like?  Can I stop sending this cup because it leaks?  Can I stop putting the stoppers (the ones that stop the cups from leaking) in because the teachers forget to take them out?

Now I know what you are thinking.  Just buy new cups Alex!  But I bought new cups when we switches from bottles.  And more new cups when the previous room teacher told me that he didn't like the soft nipples.  Then I bought even more new cups when he went to his current room and he had to have "big boy" cups like the other kids in the class.  Now I have a drawer full of cups that he doesn't like (though Max has never actually said those words) and about 2 cups that I must wash every day.

I just sat there and nodded my head because I was completely flabbergasted.  This is one of the most ridiculous discussions I have ever had.  I am worried about his development and his temper and we are talking about sippy cups.

I mention this because again, this morning, we had a discussion about sippy cups when I dropped him off.  They keep sending home cups that don't belong to Max.  I wash them and send them back.  Then they end up in his lunch bag again.

Turns out, they split Max's milk in half and give it to him in two servings.  So now, I need to send an empty sippy cup with his lunch every day, so he can have two servings of milk.  Even though I told them the pediatrician wants me to cup back on Max's milk consumption because he drinks way too much!

I guess my problem with this whole situation is that I feel like I just don't have time to deal with this bullshit.  In between working full time, keeping my house cleaning, packing for our move, working my new second job at home at night and keeping up with Max, I just don't have time to worry about sippy cups.  I can barely get myself to bed every night with my to do list finished.  If we are both clean and the dog went out, I consider the night a success!

Every day it is something different with the school.  He needs more snacks.  He doesn't want chicken nuggets, he wants fresh roasted chicken.  He needs more t-shirts because he gets wet during water play. You forgot his bathing suit.  He doesn't like cheese nips, he wants goldfish (aren't they basically the same thing???)  The list goes on and on!

I know every parent goes thru this.  But when is enough....enough???

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