Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Creeping All Over My Posts

I wrote this post a couple of times before I actually posted it.  I was so angry at first that I had to save the post and come back to it with a clear head.

When I first separated from my ex, I deleted my blog and my twitter account.  Then he kept commenting on everything I did, so I blocked him on Facebook and Instagram.  Then it continued, so I unfriended everyone he knew and blocked his whole family.

If I posted a picture at Sonic, I was spending money that could go to Max.  If I went out to dinner, who was caring for Max?  I even found out that he was viewing our iBaby baby monitor, so I changed the password.  It felt like I was constantly being bombarded.

Over the past two years, things have calmed down a little.  I started another blog because I finally felt I could start posting again.  My Facebook and Instagram are 99% Max, so if he saw anything it wasn't a big deal.

And then I bought a house....

I told Scott I was moving but I didn't feel like it was any of his business what I did financially.  This divorce hit my wallet hard.  He cleaned out my savings and it has taken me two years of very, very cheap living to rebuild.  I moved back in with my parents because I needed the help and they were so gracious and loving to help me when it all fell apart.

Every penny I saved was so that Max and I could have a better, more stable future together.  This house was a dream come true.  It was such a deal, in a great neighborhood, near friends.  Yeah, my parents helped me out.  But most of this was on me and I finally felt good about myself again.  I didn't feel like such a loser.

(I am actually getting teary eyed typing this post.)

Then, yesterday, my ex told me that someone sent him a picture of my house.  So this post is geared towards the "friend" (I will use that word loosely) who sent my picture of my house to my ex.

It's none of his fucking business!  Yeah, I said it.  It is none of my EX HUSBAND'S fucking business what I do.

I put up with his shit for years.  I held our family together.  Here is a little tid bit for that person.  When I had a new baby, I mowed our massive lawn, did all the laundry, grocery shopped, painted rooms and striped wallpaper in our new house, cut down trees, cared for the dog, cared for a newborn who wasn't in daycare yet and worked full time...while he was too "sick" to get off our couch.  

I know I put it all out there on the internet.  I (usually) post carefully and I never say too much about what is going on but this really pisses me off.  Someone I thought was my friend, went behind my back and basically spied on me.  So give me my moment to rant!


  1. You have worked incredibly hard. I have also worked just as hard to find out how to find your blog and write a post. No more dark ages for me. No more bad friends for you! love you xox

  2. Internet friend support hugs!!

    My mother seems particularly invested in my ex's FB page herself. Thankfully we didn't have any kids before we split, but it's amazing how much people still bring him up to me like I give a flying fuck what he does and what he thinks anymore. I'm no longer with him because I don't want to care what he does anymore! So I don't! THANKS.

    People.... Sorry you had a shitty friend. You are doing great! Keep on keepin' on!

  3. I think buying a house was a brave, responsible thing to do. It will be a wonderful place for you and Max to build new memories:) stay strong:)