Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Night vs. Morning

As a working mom, I am always looking to streamline the morning routine.  If there is a corner to cut, trust me, it gets cut.

Lunches are made at night.  I brush my teeth over the kitchen sink while feeding Max.  I eat my breakfast while walking the dog.  I am a morning machine!

Recently, I have been showering at night to make the morning a little less stressful.  But I have to say, I am not loving it.

It's not really that bad...... I swear!

I do love having those extra 15 minutes.  I seriously LOVE not having to blow dry my hair.  But I don't feel as clear and focused without my morning shower.

I need more coffee.  My brain feels a little fuzzy in the am.  I am not a ninja like I normally am.

So I ask all of you?  Do you shower in the morning or at night?

Do I feel crisp and wide awake, but with bad hair?  Or do I have awesomely flat ironed hair but with a side of 4 cups of coffee?

Which is best?  Yes I really did write a post about this!


  1. Definitely a morning shower person. I'd love to save that time in the morning routine, but unless I wanted to wear a ponytail to work every day (hello headaches!), I have to wash, dry, and style my hair to look right and it never looks right after sleeping on it all night.

  2. Who showers??? But seriously (when I was working) I did a lot of showering at night and then hot rollers in the morning. They sort of give me a 10th-grade-picture-look but they usually fall out in a nice, styled way by 10am. Plus, hot rollers are hands-free! BUT, as a blond, I always felt I looked "blonder" after showering and blow drying in the morning vs. going to bed with a wet head.

    Now I only shower if I start to smell myself. True story.