Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I'm Desperate....

I am literally a desperate woman, at the end of her rope.  I don't know what to do with my child most days and I feel like such a failure.  

Max, my beautiful, willful, little monster is driving me insane.  He is deep into the ugliest part of the terrible twos (times a million) and I am at my wits end.

He is such a vocal child.  He talks constantly (I mean constantly).  Telling you about his day, what he thinks, what he feels, what color the sky is, etc.  But that same vocabulary switches on a dime and becomes an incessant stream of "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" until I want to run out of my house screaming.  Most days I feel like he is jack hammering my brain.  I try ignoring him but he is relentless.

On the flip side he is a stubborn little goat.  He knows the exact buttons to push and he pushes them about 1,764,982 times a day.  By the time I finally put him to bed, I throw myself on my bed in complete exhaustion.  I honestly don't know how you do this with more than one child.  I would be sitting in a corner crying.

Tonight was a particularly bad night.  At my office, he hung up on customer, drew all over my papers and crushed crackers into my files.  At BJ's he screamed "I want a toy" for a solid 30 minutes and then was bewildered he didn't get one.  When we came home he threw his bouncy ball at the dog until I screamed.  During his time out, he stripped the bed completely bare and then sobbed when I spanked him.  He is now naked in the playroom, talking to his matchbox cars, while I sob into my white wine.

How do you redirect a mastermind child like this?  No means yes.  Up means down.  Stop means he runs as fast as he can.  I used to be able to work with this but now his safety is in question.  I don't trust him in parking lots.  We can barely go for walks together.

I read 1-2-3 Magic but it really didn't work with him.  Plus I got really freaking tired of cleaning up the destruction of his room every time out.  I know they say to ignore the mess and let them just live in it but diaper cream squeezed all over the pillows, comforter and sheets has to be cleaned by someone and last time I checked three year olds don't do laundry.

The schools told me to ignore the bad behavior.  They say he just wants attention.  No shit he wants attention!  But how do you ignore him spraying Clorox Bathroom cleaner all over your bedroom furniture.  Tell me what person wouldn't lose their shit over that.  I want to meet this holy apparition!

So what do you do?  He is the first child to try and break his parent, right?  Please god tell me one of you has experienced this!

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  1. Hey there. I read this last night, and wanted to let you know the night before, I pretty much fell off the end of my rope! It's our 2 year old. He's been our biggest challenge since he was born. No exaggeration. Spanking does no good, not time out. He thrives on attention and, of all things, laughter. I think he'll he a class clown when he grows up. What about Max? Nick really does need,the world to revolve around him, more than any of my other kids. Naturally, it does not so pretty all day every day he is screaming. When he gets going, screaming, and can't stop, we put him in a crib, so he can calm down. Or we leave the room, go someplace quiet and dark and rock hi. At this age, he can't really pull together in his own. More hugs and attention, I know, you don't feel like it when they are acting out, but with some kids, it helps. He will grow out of it, I keep telling myself that!! I went to the mall yesterday by myself, just to enjoy the quiet! I am in tears some days too. I tell Nick that he will be the one that has to take care of me in my old age:) Good luck. Hang in there Alex:)