Monday, July 27, 2015

Turning Things Around

A good friend recently told me that sometimes my blog posts make her sad.  The thought that I had become a sad person really bothered me and it has really stuck with me over the last week or so.

I have never been one to be down all the time.  I usually have my moments and then I generally bounce back quickly.  Honest to god, the most depressed I ever was was the 2 months when I couldn't run and was stuck in a boot.  Wearing men's sweatpants for two months would depress anyone, right?

That said, I took her words to heart and I really started to evaluate everything.  It is really important to be happy every day.  Life is hard enough on its own and you need those good vibes to pull you through the rough patches.

So I am making changes.....

I started a new diet because I am really bothered by those extra 15 lbs I gained TRYING to get pregnant with Max.  Don't get me started on the pregnancy weight too.  Shamu called and he wants his tank back!  I am on day 4 and I already feel better.  Don't get things twisted, I am freaking hungry and I want a donut.  But my pants aren't tight so its a good fucking day!

I also attempted a technology free day yesterday with Max.  When I am glued to my phone, he doesn't get attention.  So then he acts get attention.  I recently read a New York Times article about adult screen time and how it effects children and it kind of opened my eyes.  I am in no way judging peeps who hand their kid an iPad so you can get a moment of peace.  I live by that some days!  But it is a little hard to tell him no when I can barely detach from my phone.

So I tried really hard yesterday to put the phones, ipads, kindles, computers, etc away and just spend the day with him.  And we had a REALLY good day.  (Side note- I spent an hour in bed last night "catching up" on everything I missed yesterday)  It can't be an every day thing.  I work a lot at night and I need to answer calls and emails.  But it clearly doesn't have to be a 24/7 committed relationship either.

Every day can't be amazing, that isn't reality.  But you can't allow everything bad thing that happens to derail your life.  You have to take joy in the little things, laugh at the meltdowns and take every day with a grain of salt!

That's my story and I am sticking to it!

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  1. Aww, don't feel bad about using your blog to vent though! You're going through some tough shit and I'd be pissed if you were spinning it as sunshine and rainbows all the time.