Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Successful Hostage Exchange

The hilarious Clemsongirl used to talk about her summer hostage exchanges, where she would ship her boys off to grandparents camp.  That is what this week is for me.

Max is living it up on LBI with Paul and Debs and I am living it up in CT.  It really isn't as exciting as it sounds but I feel so free this week.  I went home last night and spent two hours online shopping on my couch.  What????????

Of course, I am insane, so there is minimal relaxation so far.  Sunday I cleaned my house top to bottom.  I moved furniture, dusted, vacuumed, decontaminated, etc.  I did about 10 loads of laundry and even went through Max's toys.  I donate old crap, threw away broken crap and finally collapsed in my bed at 5pm.  On freshly washed sheets!

I went for a run (cough walk) with a friend this am and I am getting a pedicure tonight.  I am going paddleboarding with my sister on Thursday.  I am determined to only do fun things this week.

It is really important to recharge your batteries as a parent.  Those little monsters suck the life out of you.  And sometimes you become a bit of a crazy person because you are literally exhausted.  I mean when you have a meltdown in your kitchen because your kid won't drink his milk in the blue cup, only the green cup, you know you are going off the deep end.....

Old Alex was really fun.  She went out all the time.  Belonged to a book club, a running club, etc.  I ran marathons, did yoga, read books.  I was a real human being who had nice hair and wore makeup.  But my life had a lot of sad times too.  So I was basically running from my real problems all the time.  (Did you get that pun?  I am so clever!)

Things are really different now.  I barely run anymore.  I rarely finish a book and yoga is a thing of the past.  But my days are filled with laughter because of Max.  I rarely sweat the small stuff because there is no free time for that.

Life is constantly changing and evolving.  I could never go back to my old life but having some of that free time again would be really amazing.  No matter what, I am relishing every second of this week.  Each quiet, peaceful, relaxing minute of it!