Friday, November 20, 2015

Runners Lust

I like to think of myself as a "basic" runner.  Not basic like pumpkin spice and all that shit.  Basic like I don't believe in a ton of gear to get out running.

I still have a vivid image from my first 10k.  I ran a race down in Arlington VA.  There were a couple of water stops on the course and it was April, so still nice and cool.  I passed this dude wearing a water belt, iphone on his arm, visor, sunglasses, etc.  All that shit to run six miles.

It seems so ridiculous to me.  I never run with music.  I really like to enjoy nature and the quiet when running.  I usually just lace up and go.  So to me, there are only a couple of things I spend good money on.

I obviously spend a lot of money on sneakers.  I feel really strongly about finding the right shoes for your feet.  Shoe manufacturers change sneaker models constantly so what worked last year may not work this year.

To give you an example, here was my progression in sneakers.  First it was the Mizuno Wave Riders.  I seriously hearted these shoes for year.  They were reasonably priced and fit great.  Then they changed something and I made the switch to Asics.  Mostly the Gel-1170 which is expensive but not terrible.  But then they changed something and I switched to Brooks.  They were pricey and honestly, they aren't as pretty as the other running shoes.  And everyone knows bright shoes make you faster!  I just started running again so I have been using a pair of Nikes but I know they won't work when I get up to higher distances because I need more support.

My other big running splurge is my watch.  I totally drink the Garmin Kool-Aid and I truly believe in spending a lot on a great watch.  I don't run with music thus I don't use my phone to track my distance.  So I need a watch to track my mileage.

When I first started running, back in 2007, I splurged on a Garmin 305.  I think I spent $250 on it and it was the best $250 I ever spent.  I trained for two full marathons and a handful of half marathons with it.

I finally switched to a Garmin Forerunner 10 in 2013.  I spent around $130 on that watch and was able to sell my old 305 for $50 on ebay too.  It's a nice watch but the screen is small so I can't have all my data at the same time.  With the Forerunner 10, I only get run time and mileage on my watch screen.  With the 305, I was able to get distance, current time, run time and pace.

So I am considering upgrading again.  I have two Garmin watches that I am interested in.  The Fenix 3 and the Vivoactive.  Both are expensive so I am really hemming and hawing on this purchase.  I am leaning towards the Fenix because it looks nice enough to wear all the time.  For $600 I need to really justify this purchase.  I like the Vivoactive because it looks cool (bonus) and it tracks steps and has phone notifications.

Have any of you purchased these?  Thoughts?  Want to buy me one?

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