Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Lure of the Long Run

Saturday morning was my first long run in many, many months.  And it was amazing!

In my pre-Max days, my Saturday mornings revolved around my long run.  I would schedule my run with friends, discussing distance and routes.  All the nerdy things that runners love!

I would get up early, have my coffee, lace up my sneakers and go.  After the run, my friends and I would meet at a coffee shop and just relax.  To me, there was no better way to start my weekend.  By the time I got back home, I would feel accomplished and energized.  And I still had the whole weekend in front of me!

Over time, I lost this part of my routine.  Saturday's became filled up with errands and laundry and soccer.  But this past Saturday, I was determined to get out there.  I was craving the exhaustion that comes from a really good run.

I dropped Max off with the parental units and hit the road.  I decided on six miles since my longest run, lately, has been around three miles.  It was cold as shit when I got out there but I felt so good!  I had a great stride going and I loved being outside in the quiet.  I even threw in some hills for shits and giggles!

The best part is I was done by 9am and had my whole day ahead of me.  I had all this crazy energy, so I ran errands and even repainted my bathroom.

By 9pm, I was in bed with a glass of wine and so exhausted.  To me that is the sign of a great day!

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