Thursday, December 17, 2015

Call Me Scrooge

It sounds terrible but I am kind of over the holidays and we still have another week to go.  That makes me sound like such a Grinch but I am definitely in a holiday funk.  I don't know if it is the weather this year, which is crazy warm, or too many cookies but I just feel kind of blah.  I don't have the Christmas spirit right now.  I never say this but I am actually looking forward to the New Year.

The source of my Grinchiness is way too much junk food and alcohol.  My body hates me right now and I have no one to blame but myself.  I have had an excess of holiday parties and holiday luncheons this year and I am paying the price.  This week alone I had two lunches and four parties.  Can you say way too much white wine and finger foods!

All of this rich food makes me feel kind of gross and unfortunately there is no end in sight right now. I feel fat and so tired.   Even my skin looks sad.  I need a healthy dose of water and spinach.

So how do you turn this around when there are endless Christmas Cookies at your disposal?

I think the best way to beat the holiday blues is to recharge and take care of yourself.  It is only Thursday but I am already planning my weekend.  I am going to eat really healthy, drink a ton of water and work out daily.  On top of that I am going to slap a face mask on and paint my nails.  By Sunday I will feel like a new woman!

When I feel good, I look good.  Right now I feel like garbage and my dream is to never get out of my pjs each morning!  So a change is definitely needed!

With 7 days to go till Christmas Eve, I think some cleansing is in order.   Clean your house, clean your body and clean up your diet.  Then you can really enjoy all the treats on the 24th and 25th.

So who is with me?  Less focus on baking cookies and wrapping gifts.  More focus on recharging your batteries and taking care of yourself!  Don't be fat Barbie!

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