Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hey Hey December

I can't believe today is December 1st!!!!  This year has literally flow by for Max and I.

2015 was a really hard year at some points.  There were highs but the lows were sooooo low!  I honestly thought that nothing was worse than the year when my ex and I divorced but after looking back, this year was much harder.  Every bump in the road for Max was like a rejection and while I know he won't remember them, I also know I will never forget them.

With all of that, it is really important to balance out my year with all the good that came out of it.  So here is what I have:

  1. My dude- Max is my number one.  I want to sell him some days but he is the best.  So funny at times (his Christmas request of a remote controlled Chipmunk) and so sweet (like this morning when he told me I am the best Mommy every).
  2. My family- I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for them.  When everything fell apart, they moved me back to Connecticut, helped me rebuild, helped me buy a new house, etc.  They are the best family and I am really sorry that yours isn't as cool as mine.
  3. My health- I am healthy as fuck! I see people who are chronically sick and I know it is because they don't take care of themselves.  I cheat all the time and I have a serious love affair with candy but I work hard and my health is the benefit of that.
  4. My strong body- It is not the body of my 20s and yes I would love to lose some weight and grow 5 inches and have my hair triple in volume.  But when I am out running, I feel so strong and invincible.  This body grew the world's biggest baby (not that 15lb Chinese baby, but close), has run marathons, gutted and rebuilt a house, etc.  Not too shabby, right?
Given all of this, I am a pretty lucky lady and it is really important to remember this!  

What are you thankful for?

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