Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Barre 3 Challenge

My January fitness plan was to do the Barre 3 Challenge.  The challenge consists of, each week, taking four 60-minute classes, doing one 10-minute online class and making one meal from their recipe library.

Well today is the 19th and I am pretty much a failure at this.....

The first week was great.  I did my four 60 minute classes (online because there isn't a studio by me), I did my online 10 minute class but I never made the meal.  The recipe the first week was for a Detox smoothie.  I have chosen to stick with Isagenix shakes for Breakfast and Lunch so this didn't fit into my meal plan.  No biggie though.

The second week, I came down with the flu.  I worked out Monday but that was it for the rest of the week.  I lived on chicken broth and crackers so I never made the recipe either.

I am on day two of week 3 but I still feel really sick.  I am going to force myself to do a 30 minute workout tonight but I know there is no way I could finish a 60 minute one.  I was out of breath walking up the stairs yesterday so a 60 minute workout may kill me!

Obviously January isn't over yet and I am determined to stick to the rest of the challenge.  But I also believe in being really honest with yourself, especially when it comes to goals.

60 minute workouts just don't fit my life style.  I have limited free time so I either have to get up at 4:45 to fit the class in or wait till 8pm.  Either way, that is really hard for me to achieve.  I can manage them on the weekends but not during the week days.  I am more of a 30-40 minute girl and I am totally ok with that.

I will tell you that I love doing Barre 3 and I love the online workouts.  It is only $15/month for unlimited online access.  I totally think that is a deal!  (Obviously not an ad)

The workouts don't change a lot but I am ok with that.  There is a lot of variety in the length of the workouts.  I find Sadie Lincoln to be the best instructor.  She is really funny and upbeat.  The other instructors make me want to punch them in the face.  

If you haven't tried Barre 3 definitely give it a try!

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  1. Take care of yourself if you aren't feeling well. Taking a few days off and getting some good sleep might help a lot so you can dive back into working when you're 100%.