Friday, February 12, 2016

The Yoga Challenge Continues

Here we are twelve days into the month and I am finding the yoga challenge to be a little bit difficult. It isn't that I am not bendy enough.  Or that I don't like yoga. Or that I don't have enough free time. 

My problem with yoga is that I can't clear my head. 

On the first day of the challenge, I was laying on my floor, in pigeon pose, texting a customer. The next day I tried to do it with Max sitting next to me watching cartoons. Nothing about Transformers: Rescue Bots says relaxation and I finally gave up. 

Since then I have found that the entire time I am sitting "still" and breathing deeply my mind is racing. I fix my ponytail, adjust my sports bra or pick dog hair off my pants. I think of the things I have to do. My mind continuously drifts and I have to force it back. The hamster wheel literally never stops turning. 

Because of this, I am not really enjoying this challenge.  When I run or do other workouts, I am just focused on breathing and staying alive.  When I do Barre3, I am just praying that my legs don't collapse.  There is no time for other thoughts, so I feel really light and clear after my workout.  

Yoga isn't giving me the same feeling.  I just feel really frustrated when I am done.  But I am determined to stop the madness and find the peace and quiet that I crave. So I push on in hopes of that calmness. 

But a small part of me wonders if I am just not made for that type of calm. Maybe my peace comes in the middle of a grueling long run. Or at night when I lay in bed with a book. 

We will see what happens in the next 19 days!

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