Saturday, February 20, 2016

Treat Yo'Self

As parents or even adults, it is really hard to put yourself first.  Yes I want to lay on the couch, drink wine and watch endless episodes of the Gilmore Girls.  Instead I am laying in a pile of matchbox cars, watching endless episodes of Rescue Bots while a nervous golden retriever and a small, very talkative little dude lay on top of me.

But it is important, every once in awhile, to do something special, just for you.

Last Saturday, when it was -7 degrees out, I scrapped my morning run, scheduled a babysitter and took myself off to get a manicure.  Two hours, a hot coffee and sweet purple nails later, I was ready to come back and tackle being a mom again.  Maybe some would say it was selfish that I did all those things just for myself.  But I would tell them to suck it!  Because it was important to have that time for Alex. (In case you haven't noticed I really love talking about myself in the 3rd person)

In the line of treating myself, I decided to pur-chase myself some new running clothes.  I am determined to get back to running.  I miss it so much but it is really hard to find the time.  In January, I only ran once.  So far in February, I have run only once too.  Basically, I am sucking at running.

Now before I pull out my hair shirt, lets remember that it is winter, fucking freezing out and Max has been sick almost weekly lately.  This means that running has been placed on the back burner....a every week basically.

Enter running bribery.  Hey Alex, you want some sweet new running gear?  Bitch, you gots to run to get it!  You can't be sitting around the house, eating candy corn in tight ass running pants.  Get your ass out there for a couple of runs and then you rock hard legs will look super amazing in new running tights.  You see where I am going with this?

So I headed over to Oiselle and bought myself some new swag.  Haven't heard of them?  My super running crush Kara Goucher is sponsored by them.  And who doesn't want to be like Kara right?  Ummm me!

So if I have new swag, then I need to get out and run.  So it is time to bring back the weekday lunch run.  It will suck ass to run in the cold but if I do it now, I will be kicking ass come spring!

Let's all raise our coffee cups (it is too early for wine, right?) and swear that 2016 is the year of treating ourselves better!  Whose with me?

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