Thursday, February 18, 2016

Working Out and Losing Weight

I am starting to feel like this is the only thing I talk about any longer.  If you catch me walking around with one of those huge jugs of water and cutting all the arm holes out of my t-shirts, then please bitch slap me please!

At the advanced age of 33, a light bulb finally clicked on for me.  I take pretty good care of myself but I could do a lot more.  It also became really clear that no one is sabotaging me but myself.  I spend each week eating healthy and then I spend each weekend destroying it.

No amount of healthy shakes and vegetables can combat an entire weekend dedicated to candy corn, pizza and wine.  Sad news for all of us right?

So I decided to make Alex a priority in 2016 and so far I have been pretty successful.  I have lost 9.5 lbs since the New Year and I am so excited about that.  I put on one of my tightest pairs of jeans yesterday and I didn't feel like they were sawing my internal organs in half.  Success!

I also have started a true love affair with Barre3.  I bought an online subscription back in December, since there aren't any studios located near me.  I seriously can't stop doing these workouts.  And the real reason I can't stop is because I am seeing results!  When does that ever happen?

My abs are finally showing up, my arms are more toned and my legs have the muscles they used to have when I ran marathons!  I am so excited about all of this.

I haven't enjoyed working out this much since I was running full time.  I love to work out and I do it because I know I have to.  But I can't say I have ever really loved it.  I seriously love it right now!  I am drinking some Barre3 Kool-Aid!

I still want to lose some more weight and I am determined to stick with this.  But it is important to celebrate the successes when you have them, no matter how big or how small.  It is important to not constantly beat ourselves up too!

So this is me, patting myself on the back!  Alex, you are awesome.  Alex, you have a sweet ass.  Alex, I am shocked you are single.  Ok...enough of that!


  1. I'm struggling to stick to my workout routine too. It's so hard to not beat up on yourself! I've never heard of Barre3, but I'm definitely going to check it out now that you've recommended it. Good luck! (And yes, I'm shocked you're single too. Get 'em girl!!)

  2. Congrats! I'd love to lose 10 lbs but I'm so mentally exhausted from years of on/off dieting that I just CAN'T EVEN right now. Maintenance is the name of my game. Barre3 sounds interesting though!