Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Working Out at Lunch

As the mom to a mini monster, I am constantly multitasking.  I really love working out in the morning but Max wakes up really early.  And it is really hard to workout with a 40lb child laying on your back.  So lunch time is a great time to fit in a workout.

I tried for awhile going to the gym at lunch time.  But I only take 30 minutes at lunch and it was impossible to drive to the gym, run, shower and get back to work.  So I had to come up with some other solutions.

Here are some of my favorite lunchtime workouts:

  • Running-  I take a late lunch, run three miles and just spend the rest of the day dirty.  In the winter it really isn't that bad since I am way too cold to sweat.  In a pinch, we do have a shower at work and I can squeeze in a quick rinse.
  • Walking- I can walk outside or on the treadmill that we have squeezed in the women's bathroom.  I watch Hulu on my phone and get a nice two mile walk in.
  • HIIT workout- I use the PopSugar Active app on my phone or ipad for a guided 20 minute workout.  The Astrid Swan one is literally KILLER!  You need no equipment most of the time, so this is something you can do in your office or even in a park (if you don't mind people staring)
  • Barre 3- The online Barre 3 has 10 min and 30 min workouts.  All you really need is a yoga mat though they do have a standing only workout that I did in my hotel room two weeks ago (No way I was laying on that floor).  Barre 3 is great because I generally don't sweat a ton so there is minimal clean up after.
I was inspired by the New York Times article that I read about the Tough Mudder offices in Brooklyn NY.  They have a gym in the center of the office with free weights, kettle bells and ropes.  I love the thought of being able to workout during the day and inspiring employees and co-workers to be healthier!

Do you work out at lunch time?  What is your favorite workout?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Ways to Save Your Mooo-lah

You know what runs the world?  Girls....and money.  I hear you sister Beyonce but GIRLS need money to run the world.  And how do they get money?  They work and they save!

Given that I am a Single Lady (oh heyyyyy Beyonce) I have to plan more since my future is entirely on my shoulders.  No pressure right?  So I have started brushing up on investing and saving.

I still am working blindly on this but I am constantly trying new things to learn more and in the end save more Benjamins.

Here are my finds:

  • Digit- This baby is new.  I read about it in the Wall Street Journal. It watches your spending for a couple of days and then starts taking out small amounts.  So far I have had three withdrawals between $2-$3 dollars.  Sounds small but it will add up over time.  
  • Mint- I seriously lurve this site.  You input all of your accounts, credit cards, your house, your car, etc.  It analyzes your spending, sets budgets and tells you when you spend too much.  It also tracks my credit score which you know Momma loves!  You can even set up a savings plan and it will tell you when you are behind and when you are on track.
  • Wells Fargo Way to Save- I ended up with this account by mistake and frankly it makes balancing your checkbook nearly impossible.  Every time I buy something with my debit card, it puts $1 into savings.  But it doesn't do it immediately after the purchase, so every couple of days you have a $1 or a $7 withdrawal.  Makes balancing a pain but it is saving my money so I work around it.
  • Direct Deposit into Savings- Back when I was younger and lived in an apartment and didn't have a kid, I had oodles of money.  So each paycheck I had my company Direct Deposit $100 into my savings account.  An easy way to save $2600/year when you are paid every other week.  It made saving money mindless which is the best way to do it.
  • Saving Money in a Jar- I didn't have any luck with this because I rarely have cash.  But basically every week, for a year, you put that week's number is dollars in a jar.  Week 1, $1, Week 2, $2, Week 3, $3.  At then end of the year, you should have $1378 in the jar.  I found this on Pinterest and loved the idea. Unfortunately, the first time I needed money for the babysitter, I dipped into the jar and it has been like that every since.  
These are some of the way I track my money and save towards my retirement at the beach.  I know it is year's away but it gives me peace of mind knowing I have a cushion.  

How are you saving?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Time for a change!

This week was crazy stressful.  I had a really rough Monday (bad news at work) and it literally sent my week into a downward spiral.  I didn't eat well.  My workouts were complete poopy.  I yelled at Max a lot.  I could feel the tension in my shoulders all week.  And to cap it off, I got two new zits on my face.

You know what that means?

Wine!  No not wine! (Cue sad faces everywhere)

It is time to clean house.  I can't control my work environment or the stress that it causes me.  But I can control how I react to it.  I tend to lean towards grandiose plans made up of copious amounts of lists with more lists in different color ink.  Lists for days.  You see where I am going right?

This time I decided to scale it down.  I have off site meetings on Thursday and Friday this week so I just planned out 6 days.  This past Friday thru Wednesday.  Sometimes scaling back makes it easier to wrap your arms around something.  

I don't want to focus on dieting anymore.  I feel like my life has become a vicious cycle of starving myself all week and then binging every weekend.  Thus me gaining back everything I lost during the week and having to start back at square one on Monday.

So here is my six day plan-

  • Journaling all my food.  Ugh so much work but it is the only way you are accountable.  I tried a paper journal but I also really love the My Fitness Pal app on my phone.  Makes the whole thing so much easier.
  • Followed up by meal planning.  A- This allows me to eat better.  B- This allows me to use all the food in my fridge which reduces waste.  Win-Win!
  • Followed by Meal Prep- If you make your food in advance, then you don't have to even think about what to eat.  I find a week of meal prep to be a little intense.  Who even owns that much tupperware?  I generally do a couple of days at a time.  Like Monday thru Wednesday and then Thursday thru Saturday and Sunday is for treats (No Alex!)
  • Ending with planning my workouts- My girl crush Sadie Lincoln (the owner of Barre 3) says she schedules her workouts on her calendar.  Sounds OCD right?  Or is it genius?  We are all crazy busy but fitness has to be a priority.  So plan it out bitches!

I am also really sick and tired of feeling bad about my choices.  So if I consistently clean up my act, a little treat here or there isn't such a big deal.  No more laying on the floor sobbing over my weight and then eating a whole bag of jellybeans (with a bottle of wine).  Small rewards for big work!

The goal is to make myself live a healthy lifestyle, so I am no longer on this roller coaster.  I have been trying to accomplish it for years but I am always swayed by treats.  Hopefully breaking it out into small pieces will allow me to finally have success!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Basket Time!

Easter baskets are normally made up of tons and tons of candy.  But candy and Max are a really bad combination, so I have to think outside the box when doing Max's basket.  So this is what we are doing this year:

We are CRAZY into Rescue Bots this year.  He loves Bumblebee so I was really excited to find this at Target for him.

Some for Max and some for me!!!!

Shirts are always needed and dinosaurs are a plus

Bubbles in fun colors

Love applesauce

And really what is Easter without Jellybeans??

We are also doing an egg hunt in the back yard.  I filled the eggs with Matchbox cars instead of candy.  Hopefully the little monster loves it all and this should keep the sugar levels down for the day!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

World's Worst Fisher-Lady

Do you ever feel like a fisherman/fisher-lady (thank you very much)?  That is how I feel some days.  Like I am blindly casting in a lake or the ocean, hoping that something catches.  I know nothing about fishing so just go with this analogy for right now.

My life (especially because of one little monkey) is a lot of juggling balls.  Work, Max, being healthy are just a couple.  I want to have friends and hopefully one day a relationship.  More balls in the air.  Add in school conferences, my part time job and making sure Max wears green to school on Tuesday (why???) and I feel like there is always something that I am missing.

In an effort to achieve all of these goals, get all these things accomplished, check off my to do list, and so on, I sometimes make half assed attempts at said project so I can say I am done with it.  But in reality those half assed attempts mean I am always coming back to said project to fix my mistakes.

Hence me being the world's worst fisher-lady.  It is a lot of casting my line and hoping that something bites.  Because I don't always know what I am doing.  And I am only giving fishing about 20% of my attention.  So I am really doing this blindly.  (Still an analogy... I am not actually talking about fishing)

A lot of people talk about mindfulness and focus.  I am incredibly focused at times.  But I am also an extreme multitasker.  I eat breakfast while walking the dog.  I put on makeup while driving (don't tell my insurance).  Today I was on the phone with a customer, while simultaneously stretching my feet (Best Purchase EVER) and typing an email.  How can I do all of these things well when I am only giving them some of my attention?  Does it makes sense to do something half assed and then have to redo it?

This winter I made a promise to myself.  When I came home from work, I would put my phone away till Max went to bed.  Being on my phone makes him act out, then I get annoyed because I can't focus, and it becomes a vicious cycle.  I decided that he needed me to be more mindful of our time together.  It has been hard juggling work with that time offline but I am making it work.  Max is most important and I have found our nights go a lot smoother without the power struggle.

So how can you be more focused in other areas and still get everything done?  This is what I have found that works:

- Multitask when it doesn't matter.  Def catch up on your favorite show while running on the treadmill.  Talk on the phone while painting your nails.
-Handle your most important tasks first.  I make a to do list each day and I tackle the most important things early in the morning, when I am fresh and the office is quiet.  If it doesn't get done by 9am, there is a good chance that it won't happen today.
-Take time to turn everything off.  I have recently gone back to real, honest to god, made from paper books.  I can turn off my brain better when I don't have a device in my hand.  It allows me to enjoy the story without stopping to check my emails or troll instagram.
-Make time to work out.  When my day is crazy, nothing clears my head better than a workout.  A lot of days I only have time for 30 minutes but afterwards I really feel amazing.  I know it seems silly to add another thing to my to do list each day but working out is important to me, so I make it a priority every single day.
-Make a list and check it twice.  I have lists for my lists.  It is the only way I can remember all the details and get everything done!

Given all of this, I still don't really know what I am doing on a daily basis.  I figure that if I get up every day, make a solid effort at not fucking everything up and go to bed relatively happy, then we will call that day a success.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Journey in Frustration

In the beginning of the year we started a weight loss challenge in my office.  For the first time, in about forever, I felt really compelled to lose weight.  If you can't tell, I am extremely competitive.  So a contest was right up my alley.

I started working out like crazy, went back to drinking my shakes and doing a weekly cleanse and the first week I lost 5 lbs, then 2 lbs and then it basically tapered off.  Since the beginning of February, I have been at the same weight.  Last week I finally lost 1/2 a pound.  This week another 1/2 pound.

I am trying to pep talk myself that a loss is still a loss but I am so frustrated this morning.  One pound in 5 weeks makes me want to cry.  I actually did cry.  I stepped on the scale this morning and then sat on the floor and cried like a little baby.  

What bothers me the most is that I haven't cried over my weight since college.  In college I gained the freshman 15 and then went thru a very unhealthy cycle with diet pills, cutting out carbs, exercising like mad, etc.  It was a vicious cycle that resulted in a lot of tears and very shaky hands. 

When I graduated from college, I gained again so I went on a clean eating diet, started working out seriously and I finally lost all the excess weight and had a six pack.  A honest to god six pack.  It was amazing! Then over the years my weight fluctuated and finally I got pregnant.

Since Max my weight is up and down but I never really lose past the point I am at now.  Most of the time I lose interest.  Some of the time my body out right refuses to lose the weight.  Which is basically where I am at now.

I went on a run recently and the women I was running with were complaining about their weights.  Every one of them was 15lbs lighter than me at the time.  I remember when I weighed the exact weight they were bitching about.  I would be thrilled to be back there now.

I know we are all different.  I have a lot more muscle and I am much shorter than them.  I need some new motivation or some tricks to get past this plateau.  I am just so frustrated this morning.  Hence the tears!

What do you do to get past a plateau?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Weekend Getaway

I was lucky enough to escape CT this weekend and trade in the snow that came Friday morning for the beautiful sunshine of Florida.  We flew out of Westchester, NY and into Orlando.

Max was so good on the plane.  I bought him some new toys and packed a ton of snacks and the three hour flight flew by.

Once we got to Orlando, we drove two hours south to Okeechobee.  My parents met us and took Max back to Naples with them and I stayed in Okeechobee for work!

Unfortunately Okeechobee is in the middle of nowhere and I had to get a hotel in Port St. Lucie, which is about 45 minutes away, thru cow country!

It is hard to tell from this picture but those are baby cows (calves??) in little cabanas so they don't burn.  I HAD to pull over and take a picture!

Friday night I got a wonderful treat- a night to myself! I went to Publix (love, love, love) got some dinner and a bottle of wine.  Then I went back to my room, watched tv, slapped a Biore strip on my nose and pigged out.

Saturday morning I did a quick Barre 3 session in my hotel room in my sweet new Walmart yoga pants.  If you haven't tried the Danskin line at Walmart, you are def missing out.  These babies were only $13!!!

To my delight, I managed to pick the hotel that was a proud (really?) sponsor of the NY (barf) Mets.  It was my own personal hell as a Phillies Phan!  The hotel was filled with drunk, sunburned Mets fans.  Grossssssssssss

After Barre 3, I stopped by the local farmers market

And got this delish smoothie- Kale, avocado, pineapple and cucumber.  It was so good!

 Then it was another 45 minutes in the car back to Okeecobee.  

That night, when I was done with work, I decided to drive to Naples to see the fam.  I spent over three hours in the car and saw more of Florida than I ever need to see.  But it was totally worth it.  Check out the view from my parents new Condo!

Sunday we all went to the beach and then had dinner with my grandparents.  It was a quick and busy weekend and I spent way too much time in my rental car.  But it was so great to see my parents and my grandparents!

How was your weekend?