Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Time for a change!

This week was crazy stressful.  I had a really rough Monday (bad news at work) and it literally sent my week into a downward spiral.  I didn't eat well.  My workouts were complete poopy.  I yelled at Max a lot.  I could feel the tension in my shoulders all week.  And to cap it off, I got two new zits on my face.

You know what that means?

Wine!  No not wine! (Cue sad faces everywhere)

It is time to clean house.  I can't control my work environment or the stress that it causes me.  But I can control how I react to it.  I tend to lean towards grandiose plans made up of copious amounts of lists with more lists in different color ink.  Lists for days.  You see where I am going right?

This time I decided to scale it down.  I have off site meetings on Thursday and Friday this week so I just planned out 6 days.  This past Friday thru Wednesday.  Sometimes scaling back makes it easier to wrap your arms around something.  

I don't want to focus on dieting anymore.  I feel like my life has become a vicious cycle of starving myself all week and then binging every weekend.  Thus me gaining back everything I lost during the week and having to start back at square one on Monday.

So here is my six day plan-

  • Journaling all my food.  Ugh so much work but it is the only way you are accountable.  I tried a paper journal but I also really love the My Fitness Pal app on my phone.  Makes the whole thing so much easier.
  • Followed up by meal planning.  A- This allows me to eat better.  B- This allows me to use all the food in my fridge which reduces waste.  Win-Win!
  • Followed by Meal Prep- If you make your food in advance, then you don't have to even think about what to eat.  I find a week of meal prep to be a little intense.  Who even owns that much tupperware?  I generally do a couple of days at a time.  Like Monday thru Wednesday and then Thursday thru Saturday and Sunday is for treats (No Alex!)
  • Ending with planning my workouts- My girl crush Sadie Lincoln (the owner of Barre 3) says she schedules her workouts on her calendar.  Sounds OCD right?  Or is it genius?  We are all crazy busy but fitness has to be a priority.  So plan it out bitches!

I am also really sick and tired of feeling bad about my choices.  So if I consistently clean up my act, a little treat here or there isn't such a big deal.  No more laying on the floor sobbing over my weight and then eating a whole bag of jellybeans (with a bottle of wine).  Small rewards for big work!

The goal is to make myself live a healthy lifestyle, so I am no longer on this roller coaster.  I have been trying to accomplish it for years but I am always swayed by treats.  Hopefully breaking it out into small pieces will allow me to finally have success!

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