Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Basket Time!

Easter baskets are normally made up of tons and tons of candy.  But candy and Max are a really bad combination, so I have to think outside the box when doing Max's basket.  So this is what we are doing this year:

We are CRAZY into Rescue Bots this year.  He loves Bumblebee so I was really excited to find this at Target for him.

Some for Max and some for me!!!!

Shirts are always needed and dinosaurs are a plus

Bubbles in fun colors

Love applesauce

And really what is Easter without Jellybeans??

We are also doing an egg hunt in the back yard.  I filled the eggs with Matchbox cars instead of candy.  Hopefully the little monster loves it all and this should keep the sugar levels down for the day!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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