Friday, March 25, 2016

Ways to Save Your Mooo-lah

You know what runs the world?  Girls....and money.  I hear you sister Beyonce but GIRLS need money to run the world.  And how do they get money?  They work and they save!

Given that I am a Single Lady (oh heyyyyy Beyonce) I have to plan more since my future is entirely on my shoulders.  No pressure right?  So I have started brushing up on investing and saving.

I still am working blindly on this but I am constantly trying new things to learn more and in the end save more Benjamins.

Here are my finds:

  • Digit- This baby is new.  I read about it in the Wall Street Journal. It watches your spending for a couple of days and then starts taking out small amounts.  So far I have had three withdrawals between $2-$3 dollars.  Sounds small but it will add up over time.  
  • Mint- I seriously lurve this site.  You input all of your accounts, credit cards, your house, your car, etc.  It analyzes your spending, sets budgets and tells you when you spend too much.  It also tracks my credit score which you know Momma loves!  You can even set up a savings plan and it will tell you when you are behind and when you are on track.
  • Wells Fargo Way to Save- I ended up with this account by mistake and frankly it makes balancing your checkbook nearly impossible.  Every time I buy something with my debit card, it puts $1 into savings.  But it doesn't do it immediately after the purchase, so every couple of days you have a $1 or a $7 withdrawal.  Makes balancing a pain but it is saving my money so I work around it.
  • Direct Deposit into Savings- Back when I was younger and lived in an apartment and didn't have a kid, I had oodles of money.  So each paycheck I had my company Direct Deposit $100 into my savings account.  An easy way to save $2600/year when you are paid every other week.  It made saving money mindless which is the best way to do it.
  • Saving Money in a Jar- I didn't have any luck with this because I rarely have cash.  But basically every week, for a year, you put that week's number is dollars in a jar.  Week 1, $1, Week 2, $2, Week 3, $3.  At then end of the year, you should have $1378 in the jar.  I found this on Pinterest and loved the idea. Unfortunately, the first time I needed money for the babysitter, I dipped into the jar and it has been like that every since.  
These are some of the way I track my money and save towards my retirement at the beach.  I know it is year's away but it gives me peace of mind knowing I have a cushion.  

How are you saving?

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