Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Working Out at Lunch

As the mom to a mini monster, I am constantly multitasking.  I really love working out in the morning but Max wakes up really early.  And it is really hard to workout with a 40lb child laying on your back.  So lunch time is a great time to fit in a workout.

I tried for awhile going to the gym at lunch time.  But I only take 30 minutes at lunch and it was impossible to drive to the gym, run, shower and get back to work.  So I had to come up with some other solutions.

Here are some of my favorite lunchtime workouts:

  • Running-  I take a late lunch, run three miles and just spend the rest of the day dirty.  In the winter it really isn't that bad since I am way too cold to sweat.  In a pinch, we do have a shower at work and I can squeeze in a quick rinse.
  • Walking- I can walk outside or on the treadmill that we have squeezed in the women's bathroom.  I watch Hulu on my phone and get a nice two mile walk in.
  • HIIT workout- I use the PopSugar Active app on my phone or ipad for a guided 20 minute workout.  The Astrid Swan one is literally KILLER!  You need no equipment most of the time, so this is something you can do in your office or even in a park (if you don't mind people staring)
  • Barre 3- The online Barre 3 has 10 min and 30 min workouts.  All you really need is a yoga mat though they do have a standing only workout that I did in my hotel room two weeks ago (No way I was laying on that floor).  Barre 3 is great because I generally don't sweat a ton so there is minimal clean up after.
I was inspired by the New York Times article that I read about the Tough Mudder offices in Brooklyn NY.  They have a gym in the center of the office with free weights, kettle bells and ropes.  I love the thought of being able to workout during the day and inspiring employees and co-workers to be healthier!

Do you work out at lunch time?  What is your favorite workout?

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