Monday, May 9, 2016

Asking for Help

I like to call this another of my ah-ha moments as a Mom.  I was laying in bed this morning, way too tired to get up and do my Barre3 workout.  So I began to strategically rearrange my day.  Because that is what us Mom folk do.  We tightly schedule every day, so when something changes, it takes a lot of coffee and some smart thinking to fit everything in.

Originally, I was going to work out this morning, run errands at lunch and then go grocery shopping after work with Max.  I know, big mistake bringing the little monster to the store, but at this time of year you can't really leave groceries in the car all day.  So I would brave the check out line mine field of matchbox cars, cookies and gum in order to bring home unspoiled yogurt.  I can be totally honest and say that going to the grocery store with Max totally sucks most of the time and I try to go without him as often as possible but I also like to eat lunch so there is only so much time in each day!

But my laziness this morning changed that.  So how do you fit all of that in now?  My workout is really important to me.  But if I don't go to the grocery store, we won't have coffee and I might kill someone tomorrow.  The lunchtime errands include getting money from the bank to pay the babysitter.  She is the only thing keeping this machine running some weeks, so that is a super duper priority.  So what is a girl to do?

You ask for help, which I am really, really bad at!  That help was Stop and Shop's Peapod service, which delivered  my groceries to my house.  Now I don't have to brave the checkout line with Max.  I just pay them $6.95 to deliver the groceries to my front door! (virtual fist pump)

I tried Peapod before but I have a big problem paying for services, when I can do them on my own.  I prefer to spend my money on overpriced coffees from Starbucks and cheap yoga pants.  But with us traveling on this weekend, there was no room for error this week, since I wasn't going to have time to catch up this weekend.  So at that point, I have to give up being able to do everything myself and get some help where I can!

This is just a minor example of how hard it is to fit all this shit into our days, wether you are a Mom or not.  You often have to give up things to fit everything else into a tightly packed schedule.  Most often we give up the things that make us feel good, like our workouts, manicures and hell, even showers.  But in the end we are resentful of the little minions who took up all of our yoga time.  So if you can find a way to fit it all in, even if you need some help and have to pay a little more, isn't that best?

That is my new lease on life.  I can't work full time, workout, take care of the dog, grocery shop, clean our house, do laundry, sleep and wrangle Mad Max.  Not without more hours in my week at least!  So I have been finding ways to get stuff done and make time for myself.  And just so you all know, this is totally not a paid post.  I would LOVE for Stop and Shop to sponsor me in the form of free goldfish and hotdogs but alas, not today!

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