Friday, July 1, 2016

Alex Does Yoga

Back in January, I told you I was going to try a different workout every month this year.  January was all about Barre 3 with really great results.  February was dedicated to Yoga and it was an epic failure.  And after that the challenge kind of fell apart.

I was really into Barre 3 and honestly I was ok with that.  I had no wish to try other workouts.  I did have some variations in my workouts over the last four months but it was 90% Barre 3, 1% running, 3% BBG and 6% pilates.

But in June I got back on track and I decided to try Yoga again.  I am clearly a glutton for punishment.

I kid, I kid.

It actually went really well and was a little eye opening.  Here are my conclusions:

  1. It is impossible to practice yoga in the morning.  My body physically can't bend.  It is so painful it makes me want to cry.
  2. It does require more time.  I tried a couple of 40 minute practices but you really get more out of 60+ minutes.
  3. I feel a lot calmer.
  4. I actually feel stiffer after this month than I did before.
The last one is the most shocking, right?  I know I was shocked.  I have always had really tight hips.  Years of running have made it almost impossible for me to do moves like baddha konasana or upavistha konasana.  But I usually grit my teeth and force myself thru those poses.

After a couple of days on the yoga train, I noticed that while I was able to move farther than ever in these poses, when I finally came out of them, I could almost hear my hips creaking.  The same thing happened when I did any pose involving my hamstrings.  

I really believed that yoga would make my joints feel looser and more flexible but that didn't happen.  As frustrating as that is, I do feel a lot calmer after this month.  I am determined to do malasana without crying in pain so I definitely want to stick with yoga.  I don't know that I can do a full time yoga practice but it definitely deserves to stay in the rotation!

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