Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Getting Back on Track

I think we can all agree that summertime can be rough on your diet and exercise plan.  Which is funny, since that it is the time of year that you are showing off the most skin.

On hot days, I just want to eat ice cream all day.  At the beach, I want to drink beers and stuff my face with chips and salsa.  But at the old, old age of 33 (soon to be 34), my body is all "no way Jose."

After a couple of long weekends down in LBI, I realized I was getting a little plump again.  Plus I had back to back doctors appointments which is never fun when they weigh you and then say "no more carbs lady!"

So I decided to give an elimination diet a try.  Don't get me wrong, this is not for the faint of heart.  There is way more that you can't eat, than you can eat.  But I have to tell you that after a week, I am feeling so good.  And I currently have poison ivy all over my body, so that is saying a lot!

I gave up alcohol, sugar, gluten and dairy.  I have been cheating and having yogurt every morning though.  I don't eat meat and yogurt is a big source of protein for me so there is no way I could give that up too.  I have also been drinking a ton of water because it is crazy hot on the East Coast right now!

I have been doing this for over a week now and I feel great.  My stomach is a lot flatter, my head is clearer and I feel a lot calmer.  Given the insane itchiness that I am feeling 24/7, that is a really big deal.  I also feel like I have more energy.  I was ALMOST able to keep up with Max!

You are supposed to do this for 23 days and then slowly these items back into your diet.  The only thing I really miss is my delicious goldfish crackers so this is probably for the best anyway.  Oh and wine.  I really miss wine!

I don't know what will happen after the 23rd day but I feel so good right now, so I really want to keep this going!

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