Monday, July 11, 2016

Running Inspiration

In the last couple of years, I totally fell off the running wagon.  I just couldn't find the time but on top of that, I couldn't find my mojo.  Running used to make me feel amazing.  But now it is just kind of painful.  This really frustrates me because I really love running and more importantly, I love the way I feel when I am on top of my game.  

Unfortunately, running is about 70% mental and that is really hard to get past at times.  So I have been looking for some inspiration to bring me back to my running roots.

I found a couple of podcasts that I really enjoy and have been listening to those on my weekly drives to and from the Jersey Shore.  They make the trip go by so fast and I love listening to them.  

The first is Running on Om.  I am going to be 100% honest and say that Julia's voice and manor does annoy me a little.  But she does a monthly series with Lauren Fleshman called Ask Lauren Fleshman that I just love.  It is a lot of running chit chat but there is also a lot of conversation about writing, kids and just life in general.  It is really good and definitely worth listening to Julia.

The second podcast is Another Mother Runner.  The host, Sarah, is hilarious.  She is sarcastic and witty and a super runner, all the things I love.  I seriously laugh out loud the entire time I am listening to it.  

A recent trip home from the shore, that was very long (five fucking hours) and very frustrating, almost flew by listening to them!  Definitely check it out.

After hours spent listening to the these podcasts, I finally laced up my sneakers last weekend.  It was hot and very slow.  I hadn't run in almost four months which is way too long!  I had to take Max in the running stroller and frankly at 45lbs, that was probably pushing it on the weight capacity of the Bob Stroller.  But I decided to not focus on my time or speed and to just enjoy myself.  It felt really good and hopefully I can do it again very soon!

What inspires you to get back out there?

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