Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Essentials

It is so hot right now.  I love summer but even I have been bitching about the heat.  I have an older home and we don't have central air.  I know that sounds completely insane but with all the house projects on the docket, the air just didn't get handled this year.

Considering I will spend most of my summer covered in sweat, these are some of my favorite summer products to beat the heat!

My number one staple is iced coffee.  I need my coffee to survive.  But fresh out of the shower, add in hot coffee, and I am instantly covered in sweat.  I put coffee and warm water in the french press and leave it in the fridge over night.  Instant refreshment!

We would not survive without ceiling fans.  I have them in every room in my house.  I turn them on in May and basically shut them off in October.  I seriously lurve them!

Apparently there is a weight limit on slip and slides.  After tearing ours last year, we just went back to the old fashioned sprinkler.  Last night I mowed the lawn and weeded.  When I was done I was literally DRIPPING with sweat.  I pulled out the sprinkler and it instantly cooled us down.

I just found this lotion and I love it.  It is really light weight and it is extremely cooling.  Heavier lotions make my face all sweaty.  So this is an amazing find!

Last, but not least, is this spray.  I just recently purchased it and I am completely in love.  It is so cooling and refreshing.  I carry it with me everywhere and just spritz my face when I feel really over heated!

I seriously love summer but I don't love being sweaty all the time.  These things keep me cool which basically keeps me sane!

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