Friday, July 8, 2016

Taking Time Off

As most parents will tell you there really isn't any time off in this job.  The benefits suck and the pay is awful.  Yet we keep doing it because we love their sweet little faces!

My little monkey is definitely a handful and leaves me quite exhausted most days.  After our nanny quit in June, I had a week with no one to watch Max before the summer babysitter could start.  I did a hostage exchange and sent Max off to the beach house with my parents.  Thank god for them!
It was a huge help but it was also the mental break that I desperately needed.

Max and I are together pretty much 24/7.  He wakes early, goes to sleep late and never stops moving.  At almost 34 years old, that is more than I can take some days.  Add in work, the house, etc and I am seriously exhausted most of the time.

So I decided to use this time off wisely.  I normally would have filled up my days with to do lists and errands.  Instead, I worked out, spent time with my sister and relaxed in bed with some good books.   By the end of last week, everyone at work was saying that I looked amazing.  Apparently time alone can revive you that much!

I know that taking time off is virtually impossible when you are a parent but it is seriously necessary if you are going to keep your sanity.  Sometimes you get a whole week off like I did, other times it is just a trip to CVS with no one laying on the floor of the toy aisle crying!

Either way, by the end of last week, I felt like a new woman!  And it was amazing.

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