Monday, August 15, 2016

Check Off July

I am a couple of weeks late but obviously the July workout challenge is done and we are on to a new workout in August.  July was sweaty and steamy so I decided to keep the workouts indoors instead of hitting the pavement for a month of running.  

This month was dedicated to strength training.  Back when I was a young twenty year old with oodles of free time on my hands, I used to strength train religiously.  I would work out four days a week.  I would run six miles, do some ab work and then work on my arms or my legs, depending on the days.

I obviously don't have time for that nonsense any longer.  Not really but I kind of fell off the wagon and never got back on.  Every spring I grab some 5lb dumbbells and figure that a couple of bicep curls will tone up all those jiggly bits on my arms.  But we all know that isn't really how it happens.

So I decided to really dig in this July.  Three days a week, I did a workout of legs, arms and abs.  It was about 45 minutes.  I would do weighted lunges and squats.  Calve raises and wall sits.  All the fun stuff.  Then I would move on to biceps and triceps, ending with a nice ab session.

The best part about this whole workout is that it allowed me to multitask.  Not only was I working out but I was catching up on all of my Real Housewives at the same time!  Dudes, we are in the middle of New York, New Jersey and the OC right now.  There is no time to waste!

But in all honesty I did enjoy these workouts.  I had that wonderful soreness after most of them, that is proof you worked hard.  My arms feel a little more toned and thanks to some recent clean eating, you can actually see a ghost of some abs.  A win win in the middle of summer.

August is here and we are on to a new workout.  I am giving Tracey Andersen a try.  By the end of the month I should be looking exactly like Gwyneth Paltrow so prepare to be jealous!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Not the Outcome I Had Expected

Max's babysitter has been away for the last two weeks.  Last week he spent time with his dad and this week I put him in camp.  This particular camp is held at the local Audubon Society and this week is dedicated to pond life.  Bugs and fish and turtles and frogs.  Every boys dream right?

Wrong apparently.  This week has been a huge let down.  Not only does Max hate camp, he apparently hates being dirty.  Yeah, I didn't get that memo.

Monday went ok but he was super nervous about not knowing any of the kids.  Tuesday they were in the pond and he had a minor freak out about how muddy he was.  Yesterday was rainy and they were stuck inside all day.  He was very upset about some kid knocking down his blocks and they had to put him in a time out.  None of these are the outcomes I had been hoping for.

So we sat down last night and talked about how nervous he is.  We talked about how he has to take calming breaths instead of getting mad.  But instead of that chat working and soothing his fears, he woke up at 4am this morning because he was so worked up.  Now on top of dropping off an overly nervous child, I am also dropping off a super exhausted one.

These are those parenting moments that you just can't plan for.  I am trying with every fiber of my being to be positive and optimistic about today's outcome.  Putting all those good thoughts into the universe and all that stuff.

But deep down, in my core, I know today won't go well.  This is classic Max and I can see the writing on the wall.  He is only four and he doesn't know how to turn these things around.  On top of that, he doesn't know how to deal with all of these emotions inside of him right now.  So when these situations happen, he literally just self combusts.  

All of those frustrations and nerves and fears are like a bottle rocket inside his little body.  I seriously wanted to say that he didn't have to go to camp today.  But it is really important to finish what you start and we only have two more days.  So I put on a big smile and packed him up in the car.  

It is so frustrating when you plan something hoping that they will love it but then they don't.  You want them to know it is ok for them to not like camp or that party or soccer, etc.  But I need to work, so he needs to go to camp.  So what is a mommy to do?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Scratch First, Itch Later

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed in the last two weeks that I have been suffering from Poison Ivy or the Devil Plant as I call it.  Let's be honest, there is no way you wouldn't know about it because I have been bitching for a solid two weeks.  Like non stop!

When I get poison ivy, it actually gets in my blood stream and spreads across my entire body.  So I was lucky enough to have huge patches of it on both of my arms, my left leg, my stomach and my boobs.  Oh yeah baby, right along the bottom of my right breast so that my underwire in my bra was constantly scrapping it raw.  Sexy times here folks!

After a really uncomfortable weekend, with crazy hot temperatures, I was near tears.  I called my doctor and I had to go to his office to get a shot and then take two rounds of steroids to calm it down and it still hasn't gone away.  When the rash finally flattened out, it left behind huge dark red/purple spots, so I looked like I had been burned.  You can imagine how calmly I have been taking all of this.

I have become a skin warrior!  Fighting against the evil poison ivy to rescue my poor, poor skin from it's itchy wrath.  Aka, I have been spending obsessive amounts of time online, looking for ways to calm my skin down.

Here is what I have found:
Posion ivy comes from the oils in the plant.  These oils are completely immune to soap (bastards) and unfortunately soap actually spreads the oils and the rash to places you would NEVER want it to go.  This laundry soap is strong enough to cut thru the oils.  Some people said it actually dried out the poison ivy but that didn't happen for me.  It is a pretty random choice, being a laundry soap, but at $1.49 a bar it was totally worth the try.  It really dried out my skin so I tried to just keep it on the rash.

Once the rash starts to spread, the itch will literally drive you insane.  I had a week of minimal sleep because it felt like my body was on fire.  I used this Gold Bond lotion in addition to a topical steroid cream to control the need to scratch.  This lotion has a really icy feel after you spread it on.  The cooling effect really calmed my skin down.  It was also super helpful in the 100+ degree heat we
had last week!

Once the poison ivy was almost gone, I was really worried about scaring.  This Sovereign Silver gel is amazing.  Not only will it heal any cuts almost instantly, it did an amazing job of reducing the red patches.  I have been using it since Friday and they are almost all gone.  It is truly a miracle product.

I now feel like my skin is super dry, probably from the excess of creams and lotions.  So I have been really focusing on exfoliating and then using a really rich lotion to sooth my poor skin.  I used Skinny & Co.  Sugar Scrub this morning and my skin feels and smells amazing.  The scrub has coconut oil in it so my skin was so soft after my shower.

Then I applied this because I personally feel this is the best body lotion of all time.  I use it religiously in the winter time to stop dry skin.  It is so thick that I actually have to fight to get my pants on afterwards.  That is so sexy right?

So this has pretty much been the focus of my last two weeks.  Probably because of the excess of steroids in my system, I have felt a little off lately.  I am desperately in need of a good nights sleep which is my game plan for tonight!