Thursday, August 11, 2016

Not the Outcome I Had Expected

Max's babysitter has been away for the last two weeks.  Last week he spent time with his dad and this week I put him in camp.  This particular camp is held at the local Audubon Society and this week is dedicated to pond life.  Bugs and fish and turtles and frogs.  Every boys dream right?

Wrong apparently.  This week has been a huge let down.  Not only does Max hate camp, he apparently hates being dirty.  Yeah, I didn't get that memo.

Monday went ok but he was super nervous about not knowing any of the kids.  Tuesday they were in the pond and he had a minor freak out about how muddy he was.  Yesterday was rainy and they were stuck inside all day.  He was very upset about some kid knocking down his blocks and they had to put him in a time out.  None of these are the outcomes I had been hoping for.

So we sat down last night and talked about how nervous he is.  We talked about how he has to take calming breaths instead of getting mad.  But instead of that chat working and soothing his fears, he woke up at 4am this morning because he was so worked up.  Now on top of dropping off an overly nervous child, I am also dropping off a super exhausted one.

These are those parenting moments that you just can't plan for.  I am trying with every fiber of my being to be positive and optimistic about today's outcome.  Putting all those good thoughts into the universe and all that stuff.

But deep down, in my core, I know today won't go well.  This is classic Max and I can see the writing on the wall.  He is only four and he doesn't know how to turn these things around.  On top of that, he doesn't know how to deal with all of these emotions inside of him right now.  So when these situations happen, he literally just self combusts.  

All of those frustrations and nerves and fears are like a bottle rocket inside his little body.  I seriously wanted to say that he didn't have to go to camp today.  But it is really important to finish what you start and we only have two more days.  So I put on a big smile and packed him up in the car.  

It is so frustrating when you plan something hoping that they will love it but then they don't.  You want them to know it is ok for them to not like camp or that party or soccer, etc.  But I need to work, so he needs to go to camp.  So what is a mommy to do?

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  1. Girl, I do NOT know the answer, but finishing what you start seems to be a good lesson, even at 4.

    So hard for the little people to handle big emotions. Pulling for the both of you!