Friday, September 30, 2016

September Workout Challenge

September was a bit of a rough month.  I am coming off of a long vacation in August and with school starting again, I have been having trouble finding my groove.  My diet has been filled with treats and drinks and more.  Because of that, I have been feeling tired and not 100%.  I have been working out routinely but a bad diet means that you will never see the results of all that work!

I really hemmed and hawed on what workout to do in September and finally I decided to go back to my winter staple, the Sworkit app.  I seriously love this app and if you haven't tried it, you have to download it.  It is completely free and a co-worker recommended it to me this past winter.  

You can pick from four types of workout, strength, cardio, yoga and stretching.  The cardio is KILLER.  Like your heart is going to pound out of your chest.  For this reason, I usually do the strength workout.  Once you select strength, you can pick from full body, upper body, core and lower body.

This month, I did all full body workouts.  I started with 25 minutes and slowly worked myself up to 45 minute workouts.  For the most part, I did these workouts 2-3 times a week.  The rest of the week went to pilates, Barre3 and yoga.

What I like about this workout, is the way they time it.  Yes it is a 45 minute workout, but every excercise is only 30 seconds.  Each exercise is different and it is very rare that they repeat in the same workout.  After 5 exercises, there is a 30 second break.

You can give your all for 30 seconds.  Anyone can!  Then before you know it, 45 minutes is over.  It is amazing how fast it flies by!

I have been feeling very soft and puffy lately.  Maybe from the entire bag of caramel corn I ate Saturday night but who is pointing fingers here!  Either way, I have been craving a workout that makes me feel strong and this definitely filled that need.

What workouts have you been trying lately?

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Perfect Weekend

As a parent, you know that there is really no such thing as the perfect weekend.  There are always going to be some bumps in the road.  A minor meltdown here, a kicked dog there.  You get the picture.  But this past weekend was the closest thing to perfection I have had in a long time.

August was really hectic.  To give you an idea, this was Max's August:

First week with his dad.
Second week bug camp fail and a back up babysitter.
Third week normal babysitter is back.
Fourth week, my grandmother dies, so Monday in LBI with the whole family, Tuesday and Wednesday in Rehoboth, Thursday and Friday in LBI without me.
Fourth week was our vacation, so just chaos and minimal sleep.
From that vacation, we went right into the first day of school.

With school, we have new kids in the classrooms, new teachers (his is out on a leave of absence right now) and two new babysitters.  On top of that we are back to routines but not the same routines we had last year.  Now I put him on the bus but this means I go to work later and get home even later.  I am down right exhausted and I know he is too.

This weekend, I wanted to really enjoy ourselves.  So Friday night I did all the laundry and cleaned the house. My house is super small so this takes maybe an hour.  But I wanted all of the chores out of the way so we could relax and have fun all weekend.

Saturday morning we had a playdate at his school.  It is run by the school and is a great way to meet parents and exhaust your child.  (Win!)  From there, we picked up my sister and went apple picking.  Max was amazing.  He was so fun and really sweet the entire time.  He kept hugging us and telling us what a great day it was.  We picked a ton of apples and had a lot of treats.  We ran some errands and then went home for a quiet night.

Sunday we got up and played with toys and read the paper before soccer.  Max wasn't feeling that great, so we came home after soccer and just relaxed.  We read some books, watched the Minion Movie and watched about 3,897 episodes of Transformers.  We REALLY love those Transformers.

There is no guarantee that this mystical beast of the perfect weekend will occur again but this is my recipe for it:

  • Limited activities
  • Keep it very simple 
  • Base most of what we do around him
It sounds so simple but it really isn't.  There is no choice, the house must be cleaned, the laundry must be washed, groceries must be purchased and lunches must be made.  I normally do all this on Sunday and we battle it out most of the day while I try to clean and he follows me with a path of destruction.

When the weekends are simple and a little quiet, we all have a great time.  He is happy and I am happy and that is an amazing thing.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August Fitness Challenge

Obviously like my last post, this is a very late follow up.  But I feel compelled to share this utter and complete failure with all of you!

August was all about trying the Tracey Anderson workouts.  And oh my sweet baby Jesus, I hated every one of them.

If you are a dancer, then maybe these workouts are for you.  I am not a dancer until there is a lot of alcohol in my body.  Because of that I just felt awkward and stupid every time I did these workouts.  The motions are so weird and fast and I could barely keep up.

I also can't stand her.  Sorry but I can't!  She has no expression on her face and just looks bored the whole time.  I don't feel compelled at all to work out with her.  All I could do was stare at her enormous fake breasts that never moved even though she was working out in a backless halter top (Seriously!)

I bought three dvds on Amazon for my trial.  Her live stream workouts are $95/month and that was just too much of a commitment for me.  The dvds are beginner, intermediate and advanced.  I only made it thru the first two before I threw in the towel.

So August was a big old fail!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Where Did You Go?

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted.  So much has happened that the time just flew by.

Unfortunately my sweet grandmother passed away in mid August.  She was 94 years old and had lived a wonderful life but I was still heart broken from the loss.

Right after that was my 34th birthday.  Unfortunately this year I wasn't very interested in celebrating.  It just felt like it was too soon after my grandmother's passing.

From the 27th of August until September 6th I was on vacation down at the Jersey Shore.  It was a really nice vacation for the most part and it was wonderful to get away.

School started for the minion on September 6th and I am thrilled to have him back in school.  Max is a child who thrives on routine.  Summer is wonderful but all that free time is a little too much for him.

My college friend Andrea got married last weekend and I spent Saturday drinking my liver away and dancing until my feet were sore.

So that is my last month wrapped up in a couple of sentences.  Trying to get back into the swing of things over here!