Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Where Has She Gone?

You may be wondering where I have been lately.  That is assuming that you desperately love reading this diatribe about how crazy my son is and how fat I am, depending on the day of course!

Things have been insane lately.  

First, I have been in a horrible funk.  I SERIOUSLY hate the time change but this year it hit me harder than normal.  It is dark when I get up and dark most days when I go home.  I just feel so sad some days.  I am normally a very happy person so I hate this blah feeling.  On top of that I have been really irritable and grouchy too.  As you can guess, my period finally came and hopefully this funk is behind us.

Second, tons of family stuff has happened lately.  My grandfather was in the hospital.  My dog is reall sick.  My mom is stressed out.  Etc, etc, etc.  It has been a bit of a shit storm lately.  All that stress and worry really starts to wear on you, probably adding to my general bad mood the last couple of weeks.

Third, I am clearly going thru a massage sugar withdrawal.  The week leading up to Halloween and the week after can only be described by saying that I completely gorged myself.  I am thoroughly disgusted by what I ate, yet I kept shoving tootsie rolls in my mouth.  I have slowly been trying to get myself back on track but the early darkness and blah mood makes it hard to stay on track some days.

When I list all this stuff out, probably 90% of my problems are my diet.  I have been eating crap, so I feel like crap.  My skin is gross, my clothes are tight....blah blah blah.   I wish I could bottle this crap feeling so everytime I want to grab a candy bar, I can take a whiff of this and remind myself that it JUST ISN'T WORTH IT!

Realizing that you are being a complete bitch because your tight pants are sawing your stomach in half and you are so uncomfortable is a rude awakening.  As I type this, I am cheers-ing you with a tall glass of water, instead of a much wanted glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  

Hears to your health, my friends!

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